What kind of charcoal

The kamado BBQ is fired exclusively with charcoal, the use of briquettes is not recommended.  

There are many types of charcoal on the market, each with its own characteristics. One type of charcoal is more suitable for high temperatures and short duration, the other type for long duration and low temperature. 

Charcoals such as Black Wattle, birch, oak, beech, are soft charcoals that ignite faster and burn for a shorter period. Soft woods give your products a neutral smoke smell. Of course, each variety results in a slightly different taste and experience. Experiment with this yourself to figure out which charcoal best suits your taste. 

Charcoals such as Marabu or Querbracho are hard charcoals, which means they ignite slower and the burn time is considerably longer. They are ideal for long barbecue sessions such as slow cooking or preparing lots of pizzas.