Lighting the Grill Guru (for the first time)

First-time use: 
The Grill Guru is a kamado grill made of high-quality cordierite ceramic. The ceramic has to acclimate to the high temperatures. We recommend that you do not fire your Grill Guru higher than 250 degrees Celsius the first 3 times. Also make sure you let the temperature rise as slowly as possible, especially if the weather is cold and/or humid. This prevents cracking and/or snapping of the ceramic. 

To let the temperature rise slowly for the first 3x, start with the top cap and damper only slightly open. You can gradually open these a little further and further, to let the temperature rise. So just be patient, but this way, you can go all out with the Grill Guru afterwards! 


The Grill Guru is a ceramic barbecue and it is always fired on charcoal and never on traditional briquettes. Coconut briquettes, on the other hand, are great for the Grill Guru. Use good quality charcoal with large pieces so that the Grill Guru does not get suffocated. Fill it up to the first ring at most and no further. 


Preferably light the charcoal with a lighter, such as the ‘One Minute Lighter’. You can also use firelighters, but only if they are made of natural material. Never use chemical firelighters or spirit.