Broken Plate Setter stone

s your plate setter stone broken? That is unfortunate. 

Did you know you can also use a pizza stone as a substitute? It has the same properties as the plate setter stone, making it a perfect replacement.  

Pizza stone size  

Grill Guru ModelPizzastone


Cannot be used as a substitute plate setter, please contact Grill Guru Customer Service  


Replaceable by the Plate Setter Large  


Cannot be used as a substitute plate setter , please contact Grill Guru Customer Service  


Replaceable by the Plate Setter Compact  

Order a Pizza Stone via or from one of our dealers.

You can order a new pizza stone here, or of course from one of our dealers. There is a two-year warranty on the plate setter stone. If the damage is within the warranty period, you can submit a service request here.  

Note: to prevent your pizza stone/plate setter stone from snapping and/or cracking, it is best not to let the temperature rise above 250 degrees during the first 3 uses. 

In addition, make sure the temperature rises as slowly as possible to allow the ceramic to get used to it. To let the temperature rise slowly for the first 3x, start with the top cap and damper only slightly open. You can gradually open these a little further and further, to let the temperature rise. So you need a little patience, but then you get to enjoy it for an extra-long time! 

Tip: want to make a delicious pizza? The plate setter should always be used in combination with a pizza stone. So if you use a replacement pizza stone as a plate setter stone, you will use 2 pizza stones.  

Want to achieve a high temperature for e.g. baking pizza? Then keep in mind that when your dome thermometer shows the desired temperature, the pizza stone has already reached a much higher temperature. So take this into account in determining the ideal temperature. 

So what is the ideal temperature for baking a pizza? There is no single answer for that, everyone has their own preferences. 

Enjoy your BBQ!