Register Grill Guru

To make use of the additional manufacturer's warranty, registration of the Grill Guru is required. 

The registration form also asks for a serial number. Not every Grill Guru has one. In that case, you may leave this field blank. If the Grill Guru does have one, you will find it on the inside of the hinge. 

You can register the Grill Guru for manufacturer's warranty here.  

The additional manufacturer's warranty takes effect on the date of purchase of (parts of) the Grill Guru kamado. The purchase and purchase date must be proved by the buyer by means of the original proof of purchase, which clearly shows the product, the purchase date, the buyer and the name of the authorised dealer, and a registration of the product. A debit card transaction is not a valid proof of purchase for the additional manufacturer’s warranty.

The additional manufacturer's warranty can only be invoked if the buyer has registered the purchase of the relevant product with Grill Guru. Registration must also have taken place within 3 months of the purchase date at the latest. The buyer will receive a confirmation of the registration by e-mail and must be able to show this when making a warranty claim in order to qualify for the additional manufacturer's warranty.